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Product Line

Radiology workflow

AIdoc helps radiologists work through their case load faster, just in time to make a difference.

We reworked deep learning algorithms to analyze imaging and clinical data more effectively, and can produce highly accurate scan anomaly detection.

We combine the analyzed scans with patient data, streamlining the radiologists' workflow and freeing them to do what they do best.


Our vision is to revolutionize the way radiologists work by using new technologies to integrate all relevant diagnostic and clinical data into a comprehensive, intuitive, holistic patient view.

But behind the simple and intuitive systems there is a lot of intelligence.

Our expert team is working on a novel combination of many technological disciplines - computer vision, deep learning and natural language processing algorithms.

We want the computer to understand every piece of possible information - so the physician will get the most of the patient data.

management team

Elad Walach

Chief Executive officer

Michael Braginsky

Chief Technology Officer

Guy Reiner


Dr. Gal Yaniv

Chief Medical Officer

our investors

Magma VC


Company Values

Our Company Values

As a company we believe in really giving value. We innovate to serve real physician needs that have a measured impact. We think that technology should serve medicine, empowering physicians and helping them to be more effective and more efficient.

Aidoc was built by a team of deep learning experts and practicing radiologists, aimed at tackling the real technological challenges of medical imaging analysis.


Aidoc live on tech crunch [video]

date:19 Jan 17

Aidoc was part of the Microsoft spot-on even.

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aidoc wins digital health Israel startup contest

date:05 Dec 16

Aidoc is winner of the 2016 Digital Health il startup competition.

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ILTV interview: Elad Walach, CEO

date:22 Nov 16

ILTV : Aidoc helps analyze imaging and clinical data. Interview with Elad Walach, Aidoc's CEO

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aidoc wins Israel's most promising startup contest

date:21 Nov 16

The big winner in the 2016 GeekTime Techfest (biggest israel startup convention) startup contest is...

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More efficient and accurate diagnosis: AIdoc raises $3m.

date:20 Nov 16

The company has developed a support system for radiologists designed to help them cope with the masses of information they receive, and to focus on the most important information..

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Innonation: Aidoc

date:12 Dec 16

Innoanation: Improve the doctor-patient relationship, there are many things that can be done, Israeli Aidoc company decided to start.

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Globes: Aidoc is part of IBT.

date:23 Sep 16

Globes: Aidoc(previously TailorMed) is now a member of israel brain technologes(IBT) after finishing it's unique life science acceleartor program.

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